Saturday, April 14, 2007

Our Trip To Barcelona


My wife and I went down to Barcelona for a few days.
Its a four hour drive from Montpellier and a world of difference.
The sleepy Pyrenees met us at the France/Spain border with lazy clouds napping in the valleys.

Barcelona City

The weather was not great but we made the best of our trip. We toured the city and went to the Joan Miro museum and had some great meals.

Christopher Columbus was there to meet us. When we told him we were from the U.S. he went on and on about about how there is a city named after him in Ohio. We finally had to ditch him in the crowd.

Barcelona Market

Off of La Rambla street there was a market. We had to explore it since we are fans of the markets back up in France.
This market had everything. By everything, I mean everything. This one meat counter looked like a build your own sheep kit. (assembly required.)
This next photo is pretty graphic. Please view at your own risk and stomach strength.

The living Statues of La Rambla Street.

We strolled down the famous La Ramblas street. What a blast. All along the street there were these living statues. This guy caught my eye. Aside from his Atlas costume you have to give the guy credit. Would you like to stay frozen in this position for hours?. . . Me neither.However, this guy wins for sheer originality of costume.
Note the skeleton in the side car. I had to drop a eruo in his bucket.This pleased him.

Barcelona Marina Documentary

We stopped and sat at the marina for a while to look at all the boats. I had the Gilligans Island theme going through my head. . .When I got to the 'three hour tour' part I noticed these women filming from the end of a dock.
Word must have leaked out about our Barcelona trip and these women were here to document our visit. Please allow us our privacy ladies.

Alright, I guess they weren't filming me.

Barcelona Aquarium

There I was, about ten feet from the surface and life sustaining air. Unfortunately there was a threatening peril between it and me. If I was to make it to the surface I would have to fight. My adversary awaited the confrontation with a confidence that I found distressing. This was going to get ugly. . . . . . . . What?. . .Well, yea, I was inside a glass tunnel. .whats your point?

We saw many things that we later probably had for dinner.

I love Aquariums. I never grew up.

Coming home from Barcelona

We had a great time despite the weather.

The drive from Barcelona to Montpellier was long and arduous. It pretty much poured the whole way. There was a long traffic jam across the France/Spain border and it seemed like there was about three trucks for every car on the road. Thats a dangerous ratio.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Flamingo in flight.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


It was a beautiful day and I was just itching to take a picture. These are flowers (irises I think) that are growing in our side yard.