Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We are here!

We are here! France ! South of ! Ok, we have had a wild couple of weeks. We lived in a hotel for a bit. We closed on our house. We bought a used car. We bought a refrigerator, washing machine and dish washer and many other 220 volt items. We set up our house and with
the help of our new French friends we finally got high speed internet. Ok,
I am on my feet again. Between work and setting up our house, photography and my blog has been neglected. I know this. I am itching to make a worthwhile contribution but
responsibility has stood in my path ( by "responsibility" I mean my wife.... Just kidding honey.) I want to go off and flex some photographic muscle but I need get some whining
off my chest. Please, indulge me. I promise once this observation of the minutiae is over
I will concentrate on what a beautiful place this is, and it is!

KEYS: A necessary evil, we all have them. When I was younger I had all kinds of crap hanging off Of mine, small pocket knives, flashlights, and zodiac charms. As I got older I narrowed and isolated my needs. My key chain when I left consisted of a house key, a car key, and an office key. Ok, Now I am here, These are my house keys! Just the house keys. My car keys and office keys are separate. I feel like I'm off to unlock the bell tower in the morning. You can forget keeping them in your pants pocket unless you want to risk incredible damage to yourself when you sit down.

Light Bulbs:
I have always liked to keep a supply of light bulbs on hand. When one blows you just run to your stock and produce a new one and you look like the hero. There are 4 different types of light bulbs in my house. They seemed to agree on a common size for wine corks but they couldn't arrive at a standard light bulb. Whine whine whine . . .I am almost done.

And finally. . . The phone goes where? The phone goes here?! Great Caesars Ghost!

My apologises to my new French friends. I'll close this post by saying 'viva le differance.'

Ok. . . . .On to the beauty.