Sunday, November 26, 2006

The beach

On the drive home from Mauguio we swung by the beach. The wind was whipping and the skies whispered rain. This was an angry Mediterranean sea, but beautiful none the less.


We went on a road trip to a little town called Mauguio. All the towns in the South of France are quaint and this town is no exception. This town carries a bull theme because of the big bullfighting arena which is there (go figure). There is a different type of bull fighting in south France that is more conducive to the bull because he gets to stay alive in the end. The matadors who are dressed in white, go running by the bulls and try to grab (hook) rings that are on the bulls horns. Of course this causes the bull some anxiety and he gives chase. The object is to get the rings off the horns and make it to the perimeter of the arena and scale over a wall before you feel the business end of the bull. I spoke to a guy at work that used to do this and he drew out schematics of the arena and the exact angle the bull should be at in order for a successful ring hook-age and horn avoidance.
It was pretty interesting.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Neighbor's House

It was around 6pm and I was grilling on my back patio. The west sky was beautiful. The steaks were sizzling and the red wine was delicious. I felt like playing with my camera.